Hosting Services


So, you are excited to launch your new website, but this hosting nightmare is giving you sleepless nights. Stay calm. Your trusted web services partner will hold your hand.

There are 3 major requirements for a web application to be up and running; the fully built website itself, a domain name which is your website’s URL, and web hosting or server space in ray man’s language.

It’s tempting to dismiss it as just some server space you need to buy, but there is more to it than swiping your credit card and dumping your website files into a directory.

Our job at Hemsoft technologies is to lift burdens such as website development and hosting off your plate and ensure your web applications are up and running efficiently.

Why you need us

Choosing your web hosting service provider alone can be a nightmare. It depends on factors such as

  1. Applications built on Node Js and websites created using server-side languages such as ASP.NET would require different hosting resources.
  2. It’s insane to compare server resources required by an ecommerce online store to those required by a simple online portfolio website.
  3. A wise and safe practice is to ensure that your bandwidth and server resources can comfortably withstand your traffic.

Secondly, things can get a little technical when trying to set up your website. In most cases, you’ll need to upload your files, migrate your database and set up personal email server among other configurations.

In IT, what is new today can be extinct tomorrow, so you’re bound to need frequent updates and website optimization. And it’s not just a walk to the park. If nothing makes sense to you right now, just contact us and we shall get started.

What burdens are we willing to take off your plate? Pretty much everything

Our joy is to see your website thrive. By helping you achieve your goals, we shall have achieved ours. That’s why we need to relieve you of all the unnecessary worries so that you can focus on what matters for your website and business at large.

With your permission, we will provide you with hosting or connect you with the best hosting service provider for your website, set up your website and help you understand how to easily perform your daily tasks, maintain and update your website and train your team members how to best use your platform while keeping your operations secure.

Help us to help you grow by contacting us and sharing your thoughts with us. We are eager to provide you with these and other services that you need.